Smoothing and Filling

September 17th, 2015


If your wrinkles are caused by movement of your facial muscles (frowning or squinting), Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin will stop the muscle contraction in that area and smooth your skin.  These are neurotoxins which temporarily paralyze small areas of facial muscles that with repeated contraction cause those wrinkles.

The downside is that facial muscles that don’t move can leave you feeling frozen!  If not injected by an experienced professional, patients can experience unnatural facial expressions, heaviness in the brows and lids, and light sensitivity.  The muscles you paralyze have a function, so treatment needs to be carefully individualized to spare what you need, and smooth what you don’t!  To discuss a good solution for you, come visit!


If your wrinkles are not caused by facial expressions, you are probably experiencing some volume and elasticity loss we all get with age.  Paralyzing muscles won’t help, so for these wrinkles, we add small amounts of volume back to the face with products we refer to as “fillers”.

Fillers are made of several different materials that can encourage your body to lay down new collagen and can last up to two years.  Small amounts of additional volume in strategic areas can add a youthful appearance to cheeks, lift and smooth wrinkled skin, and plump lips that are thin or creased.

The downside is that too much filler will leave you looking like your face is swollen or you have a fat lip!  You need an experienced aesthetic eye along with an expert hand to get the most out of these products.  Ideally fillers create a natural, balanced look that will leave your friends telling you how wonderful you look, but they can’t put their finger on why!  It will be our secret.


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