Umbilicoplasty – Fairfax and Northern Virginia

Some people are unhappy with the appearance of their “outie” bellybutton and would prefer to have an “innie.” Umbilicoplasty makes this possible, revising the bellybutton with an aesthetic procedure that may be partially covered by insurance.

Outie bellybuttons are usually the result of an umbilical hernia. This may be a persistent hernia that allows a small piece of fat to push the umbilicus out, or a hernia that healed, just leaving the umbilicus with a pushed out appearance. As part of an umbilicoplasty, I correct this hernia defect when present and also perform plastic surgery to remove excess skin and create a smooth, drawn-in appearance. The result is a natural-looking innie bellybutton.

Why Umbilicoplasty?

Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients of varying ages, from children to adults, have umbilicoplasty. I most often conduct the procedure for young women who prefer a less obtrusive navel. It’s a very common procedure, and otherwise healthy patients tolerate it very well. Also, as an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I understand how to create little features that give results a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Parents of patients who are children typically attend the initial consultation at my office. This gives them and the patient a chance to ask questions and learn about the umbilicoplasty procedure. We also discuss the patient’s and family’s medical history and cover other important information in advance of surgery.

What to Expect with Umbilicoplasty

The procedure I perform usually takes about one hour. During the surgery, I:

  • Make an incision inside the bellybutton and repair the hernia.
  • Remove the surrounding fat pouch, revise the skin, and create a natural-looking innie.

I conduct surgery with general anesthesia for my patients’ safety and comfort. Since it is an outpatient procedure, they can go home the same day.

Recovering from Umbilicoplasty

The patients I treat in Fairfax and Northern Virginia can expect minimal downtime but should avoid strenuous activity and ab exercises in particular for about three weeks. Parents may want to consider school, athletic, and other activity schedules in planning for surgery.

The stiches I use in an umbilicoplasty dissolve on their own. The most important responsibility patients have is to keep the area clean and to follow the recommendations my staff and I give. Patients have follow-up visits a few days after their procedure to make sure they are healing well. By the end of recovery, they should have a natural-looking and attractive innie bellybutton.

If you or your child is dissatisfied with the appearance of an outie bellybutton, you may want to explore umbilicoplasty surgery. Get started by calling our office in the Fairfax and Northern Virginia area at (703) 992-7969 or completing our contact form.

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