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A current top ten and one of the most established cosmetic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, can correct breathing problems and harmonize your nose with the rest of your facial features. Though some patients have the procedure solely to correct deviated septum or other breathing problems, it is common to combine procedures and cosmetically enhance your nose while correcting physical problems.

What Can Rhinoplasty Change?

Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients considering this procedure are generally unhappy with the size, angle, or shape of their nose. The location altered is specific to your cosmetic goals, but can include one or more of the following areas:

  • Tip of the nose
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Nasal width
  • Nasal length
  • Nostrils

Although many Fairfax and Northern Virginia rhinoplasty patients seek to reduce the size of their nose, there are several other common problems that bring patients to see Dr. Jespersen:

  • Restoring appearance after breaking your nose or sustaining other injuries.
  • Eliminating bumps or excessive tissue.
  • Correcting for an off-center or crooked nose.

You may also have nothing wrong other than you feel that an improvement can be made. Many people simply notice that something about their appearance makes them unhappy and want find out what is available to them.

Achieving the Ideal for You

Many concerns have surfaced about attaining perfection or a certain look that is currently popular. Dr. Jespersen provides Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients with an opportunity to correct problems that bother them, boosting confidence and self-esteem. There is no standard nose that will work for everyone, and frequently the best option is to maintain a natural look and make small alterations that correct parts of the nose that are out of balance with your other facial features.

During your consultation, Dr. Jespersen will start by learning what you want to change about your nose. She will discuss the different options available and how they can be used to achieve your goals. The consultation affords an opportunity for you to get to know Dr. Jespersen and for you to make some decisions together about the best way to achieve a natural looking result.

Types of Surgery

Rhinoplasty has evolved significantly in the past decade. Current technologies allow doctors to perform less invasive surgery to correct nasal tip abnormalities, bumps, or extra soft tissue. This closed surgery is conducted inside of your nose, leaving no visible scars.

Alternately, some nasal reshaping requires a thorough restructuring of the nasal interior. This may require open surgery, which leaves a smallusually not noticeablescar on the skin between your nostrils.

The nasal reshaping surgery itself takes no longer than three hours and can take as little as one hour, depending on what procedure you decide on. The ease of this surgery means that it is outpatient and requires minimal “down time” before resuming your normal activities.

Rhinoplasty: Recovery Process

Though each person’s body has different healing times, most Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients start to improve just a few days after the procedure. It is common to experience the following symptoms in the first days after your surgery:

  • Swelling and bruising around eyes and nose.
  • Inability to breathe through the nose
  • Occasional nosebleeds.

All symptoms are easily managed and the aftercare for your surgery will include pain medication and antibiotics as needed to limit pain and prevent infection. As with all surgery, there are potential complications. Part of the planning stage of your surgery will include discussion of possible complications and techniques to minimize their occurrence.

Possible Complications

Your chances for developing a complication during your rhinoplasty are very low.

To minimize the potential for complications, Dr. Jespersen carefully reviews your medical history, nasal structure, and postoperative care instructions. Sometimes complications occur despite the best planning and the most experienced surgeons, and these most frequently include post-operative bleeding, prolonged swelling, and the formation of unwanted scar tissue which can change the desired outcome. Dr. Jespersen’s board certification and dedication to procedural expertise reduces the risk associated with less experienced surgeons, and a thorough understanding of the challenges of your individual case will help you feel comfortable with what the adverse risks are.

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