Neck Lift – Fairfax and Northern Virginia

Signs of aging, such as excess or sagging skin, often appear in the area of the neck before the face. This is because the neck doesn’t have as many elastic fibers as the face or the same moisturizing glands.

With a neck lift, I remove excess skin and fat and tighten the muscles of the neck. This helps patients achieve a more youthful contour and a refreshed appearance.

Why Neck Lift?

Sagging and excess neck skin can add age to the way a person looks even when other features of his or her appearance are in good condition. For this reason, I recommend neck lift to Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients who:

  • Want a smoother, younger-looking neck.
  • Are interested in a more refined appearance, particularly when the contour of the jaw and the front of the neck sags with loose, excess skin.

Both men and women can benefit from neck lift surgery. Often, I combine the procedure with non-invasive treatments that enhance the quality of the neck’s skin. The two approaches provide an excellent overall aesthetic improvement.

What to Expect with Neck Lift

In the initial consultation, patients have the opportunity to describe the areas of their body that they want to address. I conduct an examination to learn more about the patient’s needs and recommend options for correcting their concerns. Since patients will experience some down time following neck lift, I also may talk with them about what to expect in recovery.

During the neck lift procedure:

  • Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients receive general anesthesia so that they are comfortable throughout surgery, which typically lasts 90 minutes.
  • I place an incision behind the ear as well as in front of the earlobe and remove excess skin from the neck.
  • The neck muscles are tightened and smoothed, either from the side of the neck or beneath the chin.
  • I remove excess deposits of fat for a more defined appearance, examine the final outcome, and close the incisions.

Recovering from Neck Lift

Patients go home the same day as surgery and return for a check-up within a couple of days. Most take pain medication to manage their comfort level. To support recovery, patients wear a special headband that goes beneath the chin for about one week. A full recovery usually takes about four weeks.

Neck lift tends to have an excellent outcome for patients who want improved definition and tightness in their appearance. Plus, scars are difficult to spot once they are fully healed. The procedure offers a high level of rejuvenation in a frequently troublesome area and directly addresses the aging concerns many patients have.

If you notice sagging or excess skin around your neck, you might be a good candidate for neck lift. Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients can call (703) 992-7969 or complete our contact form.

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