Mid-Face – Lift Fairfax and Northern Virginia

A mid-face lift smooths the contour beneath the eye and restores the apple of the cheek to a more youthful appearance. I recommend the procedure as a way of addressing two common signs of aging:

  • Sagging or flat cheeks defined by deep lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth.
  • Deep bags that form under the eyes and extend onto the cheekbones.

Because these concerns tend to be very noticeable, mid-face lift surgery can offer significant improvement and help refresh a person’s appearance in a natural-looking, attractive way.

What to Expect with Mid-Face Lift

When Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients visit my practice, they sometimes have a clear idea of what they want to address. Others have a general sense that they appear older and more tired than they are and want to do something about it.

During an initial consultation, I like to talk to patients about the issues they see and conduct an examination to identify underlying concerns. Then, I offer suggestions for improvement that meet the patient’s needs and goals. If a patient has sagging, flat cheeks or deep bags under their eyes, a mid-face lift may be the solution.

With the surgery:

  • Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients receive general anesthesia to keep them comfortable during the procedure, which lasts about 45 minutes.
  • I restore fullness to the apple of the cheek. This involves moving skin from the area of the crow’s feet, lifting the fat pad in the lower cheek, and re-suspending that pad to the cheekbone.
  • I then remove excess lower eyelid skin and place stiches to support the eyelid.

Because mid-face lift addresses the appearance of troughs beneath the lower eyelids, I often combine it with upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). This helps refresh the entire eye in a single surgical session.

As some patients age, the cheek can also create a fold next to the mouth. In these cases, I may also recommend removing this fullness during surgery.

Recovering from Mid-Face Lift

Patients can go home the same day as their procedure. I typically tell the people in my care that it’s normal to have some tearing up and eye discomfort. Most can manage these concerns with drops. Massaging the surgical site as instructed can also keep the resulting scars as flat as possible. Generally, lower eyelid scars become unnoticeable 8-12 weeks after surgery.

I see Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients back in my office within a couple of days of mid-face lift surgery to ensure they are progressing well in their recovery. They usually return again a week later and then two weeks later for additional follow-up visits.

Patients are typically out of work for about one week and have redness and bruising until they have recuperated fully. In all, recovery can last about four weeks, and by the end, patients can expect that the apple of their cheeks will be restored, deep bags below their eyes will be markedly improved, and lines between the corner of the mouth and nose (parentheses) will be smoothed.

Learn more about refreshing your appearance in a natural-looking way. Fairfax and Northern Virginia mid-face lift patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Jespersen by calling (703) 992-7969 or completing our contact form.

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