Facial Reconstruction – Fairfax and Northern Virginia

There are a number of reasons that you may need facial reconstruction surgery. Most Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients undergo the surgery to correct:

  • Disfigurement from trauma.
  • Medical procedures that have altered their appearance.
  • Abnormal features that have existed since birth or childhood.

Because your face is central to how people perceive you, facial reconstruction can help you rebuild confidence by restoring your facial form and function.

What Facial Reconstruction Procedures are Available?

Like any other part of the body, your face can go through trauma that robs you of your appearance and leaves you self-conscious about how you look to others. Dr. Jespersen is an expert cosmetic surgeon specializing in facial procedures in the Fairfax and Northern Virginia area that can help you restore your face to its pre-trauma condition. She can help you improve your appearance by performing the following procedures.

Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancer is very common and after Mohs treatment you may require a second surgery to repair the hole left behind by your Mohs Surgeon. Dr. Jespersen will repair smaller areas using skin grafts or skin right next to the area. In the case of deeper marks, she will use tissue, muscle, skin, and even bone from another body part.

Trauma Reconstruction

Often involving the jaw, bony orbit, brow, and cheekbone, the causes of trauma range from serious car accidents and domestic violence to athletic injury and animal attacks. Dr. Jespersen has expertise in both repair of the damaged skin and soft tissue as well as reconstruction of the fractured facial skeleton.

Ear Reconstruction

Your ears can be damaged completely or partially during trauma or simply missing from birth. Dr. Jespersen can use rib cartilage to fashion the structure of an ear and tissue from other body parts to create an ear lobe, creating facial symmetry.

Finding the Right Professional

Facial reconstruction surgery requires intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and features. Before deciding to get a consultation, you should make sure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose has:

  • Board Certification
  • Specialization in facial procedures
  • Experience working with various facial reconstruction procedures.

Fairfax and Northern Virginia cosmetic surgeon Dr. Renee Jespersen is board-certified and specialized in facial procedures that can help restore your face to the way it was before.

What Will Happen During a Consultation?

A consultation is a great way for you to find the right plastic surgeon to perform your facial reconstruction. A consultation will happen at the plastic surgeon’s office and give you a better idea of what to expect from surgery. During a consultation Dr. Jespersen will:

  • Review the aesthetic result that you want and examine your face to get an idea of the procedure or procedures that will work best for you.
  • Discuss your medical history to ensure that the risks associated with the procedure are low.
  • Answer any questions you may have about results, healing, or specific concerns.

Once the consultation is over, Dr. Jespersen will be available to answer any additional questions prior to surgery.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery and Recovery

With the help of Dr. Jespersen you will develop a treatment plan to address the issues that you have with your facial function and appearance. Dr. Jespersen will then perform surgery, which can last anywhere from one to several hours. During surgery, Dr. Jespersen may need to use bone, skin, or tissue from other parts of your body to restore areas of your face.

After the surgery, Dr. Jespersen will:

  • Wrap all incisions in bandages and may put in a drain for blood and fluid.
  • Monitor your recovery to ensure that you are well enough to return home.
  • Give you specialized instructions for care such as changing the bandage, icing, and other ways to help healing.
  • Check on your recovery with follow up exams.

Once you have fully healed, Dr. Jespersen will evaluate the results and can make suggestions for any additional procedures that may further restore your facial appearance.

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