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There are many non-invasive procedures to improve skin tightness and facial contour, but none are as powerful as a facelift. A facelift is a procedure that actually removes excess skin from the lower cheek, jawline, and upper neck using an incision around the ear. It requires significant commitment as general anesthesia and one to three weeks of recovery time are needed before signs of bruising and swelling can be masked with makeup. But the improvement is permanent.

Should I Get a Facelift?

If you have loose skin folds around your jaw and neck, the answer could be yes.


Benefits Drawbacks
Lasts at least 5-10 years. You will need a week to recover, and a month to resume all normal activities.
Takes 10-15 years off of your age. This will not change any facial features, only restore your youthful appearance.
Complications are very rare and the procedure has high success rates. Potential complications if you do not use a qualified surgeon.


During a consultation your medical history will be evaluated for physical and psychological wellbeing. Most healthy non-smokers will be excellent candidates for a facelift.

What to Expect from a Facelift

Many Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients get facelifts to look like they did decades ago, but there are certain things that the surgery cannot accomplish.

A facelift will:

  • Completely remove loose skin and fatty deposits under chin and jaw.
  • Restore fat to areas (through fat grafting) that have fallen or disappeared.

A facelift will not:

  • Improve the overall texture of the skin.
  • Restore skin elasticity.

It is important to find a qualified plastic surgeon to perform all procedures so that you receive the maximum benefit of this surgery with the minimum risk of complications.

How Do I Find the Right Surgeon?

The first step to successfully restoring your youthful appearance is look for a plastic surgeon who has the expertise and qualifications that sets her apart from others. You should make sure that your surgeon has:

  • Board Certification.
  • Specialization in facelifts.
  • Up-to-date techniques for the best results.

Dr. Jespersen has performed facelifts for several Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients with surgical excellence and aesthetic expertise. She is board certified and specializes in facial contouring to help you look your best and most confident.

Scheduling a Consultation

During a consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will give you guidance on how to achieve the results that you want. At your consultation, Dr. Jespersen will:

  • Listen to all of your concerns and note the problem areas.
  • Explain how a facelift can help and possibly suggest other procedures that will help you achieve your desired look.
  • Review all of the options so that you can make the best possible decision about surgical procedures, timing, and anesthesia.

After your initial consultation, Dr. Jespersen will welcome any additional questions and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

During the Procedure

Facelifts are among the top ten cosmetic procedures and have very low risk for complications. On the day of the procedure Dr. Jespersen will:

  • Work with the anesthesiologist to ensure your comfort.
  • Take 3-4 hours to perform your procedure using the best techniques available to minimize swelling and achieve a natural result.
  • Monitor you in the recovery room and send you home to recover when you have safely awoken from anesthesia.

You will not be able to drive after general anesthesia, so you will need to make arrangements for someone to pick you up and bring you home from the surgery.


The first week after a facelift is the most challenging part, and you will need to limit activity to focus on healing. The first week after surgery should be spent:

  • Following doctor’s exact orders: Jespersen may ask you to wear a compression garment, prop yourself up to prevent swelling, and restrict certain activities.
  • Managing discomfort: Jespersen will prescribe pain medication to help you through the mild to moderate pain of the first week.
  • Looking for signs of normal healing: Though bruising, swelling, and some pain is normal, if you experience high fever or other worrisome symptoms, contact Dr. Jespersen immediately.

Following your first week of recovery, you can resume many activities as long as you are cautious. The only things you will need to avoid for 4-6 weeks are:

  • Vigorous exercise.
  • Watersports or swimming.
  • Prolonged bending and lifting.
  • Some makeup around the incisions
  • Direct sun exposure.

Once you have completely healed, in about one month, Dr. Jespersen will inform you that you can resume all normal activity.

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