Burn Reconstruction – Fairfax and Northern Virginia

The pain of a serious burn is extreme and can take a long time to heal, both physically and emotionally. Regardless of how excellent the treatment was, most severe burns leave behind scars. This can cause you to feel self-conscious, especially if your burn is on a visible part of your body. Luckily, there are many advanced cosmetic surgeries that can help you psychologically recover from the trauma by improving the appearance of your burn.

Where Can I Find a Burn Reconstruction Specialist in Fairfax?

Not every cosmetic surgeon has the expertise and sensitivity to assist burn survivors’ recovery from a traumatic incident. Finding a surgeon that meets your needs with expert attentive advice is challenging, but you will need to find a cosmetic surgeon who will address your unique needs. Look for a cosmetic surgeon with the following qualities:

  • Board certification
  • Specialization and experience in reconstructive surgery
  • Compassionate care and sensitivity

Dr. Jespersen is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has treated Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients of all ages. She is specialized in reconstructive surgery and has the expertise and compassion to work with both adults and pediatric patients who have suffered from severe burns.

When Should I Go in for a Consultation?

A consultation is the best way to get an idea of what your surgeon can provide. Dr. Jespersen encourages all potential Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients to come in for a consultation prior to any procedure. During a consultation, Dr. Jespersen will:

  • Examine your burn and listen to your hopes for final results.
  • Discuss procedures that will reduce the size and appearance of your scar.
  • Explain what will be involved in surgery. This can include a tissue expander or skin graft, depending on the location and severity of your burn.
  • Answer any questions and concerns that you have regarding your surgery, even after the consultation has ended.

Waiting may be an important step in healing from your burn, but there may be steps you can take during that time to keep your scars soft and flat, giving you the best appearance and comfort.

What Happens During Surgery?

Each burn is unique and factors such as severity, how it occurred, and time healing all impact your treatment plan. Burn reconstruction may take more than one surgery to correct, particularly if a large area of your body was burned. On the day of the procedure, Dr. Jespersen will:

  • Give you general anesthesia to make you comfortable.
  • Remove scar tissue and replace it with new, healthy skin from a location such as the buttocks or inner thigh (skin graft) or transplant skin and connective tissue onto the burn (flap surgery).
  • Bandage all surgical areas and move you to a recovery room. Depending on the severity of your procedure, you may need to stay more than a day.

Each burn reconstruction procedure is completely unique to each person. Multiple surgeries may be required to repair the area as completely as possible.

Recovery from Burn Reconstruction

It will take time for you to heal from your reconstructive surgery. Dr. Jespersen will work tirelessly to provide you with the latest options for reconstructive surgery and guide you through the process by explaining the benefits and risks involved with each procedure. As you heal you will go in for check ups and Dr. Jespersen will support your road to recovery.

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