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Your breasts are an important part of your femininity and your figure. With age, the shape of women’s breasts will change. This is from the stretching of skin and ligaments that suspend the breasts over time. A breast lift corrects these changes and essentially restores the youthful shape of the breast. These aging changes can be accelerated or compounded by:

  • Losing a large amount of weight.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Breast Lift

When considering a breast lift, you should know what the procedure will and will not accomplish. During a breast lift your surgeon will remove sagging skin and contour your breasts by tightening tissue and skin. This will not include any change in size, but will make your breasts firmer and position them higher on your body.

What Will a Breast Lift Accomplish?

Before going in for any cosmetic surgery, you should look at before and after photos of other Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients who have undergone the procedure. This will help you understand results and whether or not they are what you are looking for. A breast lift will not:

  • Increase the size of your breasts.
  • Decrease the size of your breasts.

If you want to change other aspects of your breasts it is possible and very common to combine a breast lift with other procedures such as breast augmentation or reduction.

Who Should Perform My Breast Lift?

The first step to choosing a plastic surgeon is finding a doctor with the right qualifications. By choosing a professional whose credentials and aesthetics you trust, your results will be more reliable. The qualifications that your cosmetic surgeon should have are:

  • Board certification.
  • Specialization in breast surgery.
  • A thorough understanding of breast anatomy.
  • Before and after photos that you like.

Dr. Jespersen is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery and reconstruction. Her training has given her the tools to work with all types of unique breast anatomy and give you the results you want.

Why Should I Go in for a Consultation?

Dr. Jespersen encourages all Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients to come in for a consultation to gather more information about the procedure. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss what you would like your breast lift to accomplish.
  • Learn about options for combined procedures if you want to do more than reposition your breasts.
  • Get information about when to schedule surgery and the healing times that come along with procedures.
  • Receive knowledgeable advice from an expert who specializes in the field.

Your consultation is not intended for you to make a decision about surgery on that day. It is your chance to talk about your concerns with Dr. Jespersen and carefully consider if you are ready for the procedure.

During the Surgery

Breast lift surgery is a 3-4 hour procedure that involves general anesthesia so you will not feel or remember anything about the surgery after it is over. During the surgery, Dr. Jespersen will:

  • Make the smallest possible incision to minimize scarring.
  • Reposition your breasts so that they are higher.
  • Tighten the muscles to increase firmness.
  • Close the incision and send you to the recovery room.

When you are in the recovery room Dr. Jespersen will check in to see how you are doing and send you home to recover more comfortably when you are well.

What Will Recovery Be Like?

As with any procedure, you should give yourself enough time to heal. You will need to limit activities to ensure proper healing and follow Dr. Jespersen’s instructions to get the full benefit of the surgery.

Time After Surgery Healing stage
24-48 hours Manage pain with prescribed medications, lots of bed rest, drains may be placed. Wear special bra/dressing to reduce swelling.
1 week Return to work, minimal pain and discomfort
2-3 weeks Stitches will be removed.
4-6 weeks Can resume all normal activities, mostly healed.


All women’s bodies are different, so you may heal faster or slower than the timeline listed above. As you recover and see Dr. Jespersen for follow up exams, she will give you more specific advice and guidelines for activities that you can resume and how much longer it will take to heal.

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