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Breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts and can also improve shape by reducing sagging, as well as improving symmetry between the breasts. It is a well-established and popular surgery that provides attractive, natural-looking change.

Fairfax and Northern Virginia breast augmentation patients choose me for their procedure in part because of the experience I offer. In addition to my certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, I completed specialty training in breast and cosmetic plastic surgery at Georgetown University Hospital. Breast augmentation, lift, and reconstruction procedures have been areas of focus throughout my years in private practice. As a result of this background, you can expect beautiful results that align with your aesthetic goals.

My Approach to Breast Augmentation

Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients begin with a consultation at my office. I will talk with them about what they want to accomplish with the procedure and conduct an examination to determine their needs. Nearly all of my patients receive silicone breast implants, which I have found provide the most natural look and feel. Saline is also an option and offers advantages in some patients. I prefer smooth round implants because current research demonstrates they offer safer outcomes and a lower risk of complication associated with textured implants. I will take time during the consultation to discuss these decisions as well as what patients can expect with future care.

For most breast augmentation patients, I conduct the surgery by placing a small incision beneath the breast. Incisions here remain very well hidden and should fade significantly, and again, research suggests that this approach helps prevent certain health issues. Since I want to ensure that your outcome reflects your goals, I am happy to discuss this choice and your preferences.

Women who have researched breast augmentation sometimes ask during their consultation whether I will place the implants below or above the muscle. The standard of care used to be placing the implant below the muscle, but current medical evidence suggests that either option is appropriate. There are advantages to both choices:

  • Behind the muscle, the upper edge of the implant is very well camouflaged. Women who don’t have a lot of fat in their breast tissue may see better results with this approach.
  • Placing the implant in front of the muscle can give some women a more natural outcome, particularly if they have more breast tissue with which to work.

What to Expect During Your Procedure

It is important to me that patients have all the information they need to enter procedures with comfort and confidence. After selecting the date for your breast augmentation, you can expect to return to my Fairfax and Northern Virginia offices an additional time before your procedure. This visit will allow us to go over additional questions you have, get you set up with prescriptions for post-operative care, and discuss the recovery process.

Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery that I perform with patients under general anesthesia. During the procedure, I will:

  • Create space for the implants within the breasts.
  • Use sizer implants to ensure that the actual implants I place will give the desired appearance.
  • Review the breasts from different angles—laying down, sitting up, and so on—to give you the most attractive and natural-looking outcome.
  • Place the actual implants and complete the procedure.

Recovering from Breast Augmentation

Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients will differ in their recovery depending on the type of procedure they have. For example, patients who receive implants beneath the muscle will need to limit upper-body exercise for longer (six weeks as opposed to three weeks for patients who have implants above the muscles). In general, the aim is to allow the breasts to heal and to keep the implants in the right position.

Sutures are absorbable, so you will not need to have them removed. You can expect to wear a surgical bra for up to three weeks and to experience swelling during this period. I tell breast augmentation patients to expect that their “look” on day one is going to be very different from their final look, as swelling will subside significantly over time. By the time that you transition from the surgical bra to your regular bra, you should see a result that is in line with your goals for aesthetic improvement.

If you would like to increase the size of your breasts in a natural-looking and beautiful way, learn more about breast augmentation with Dr. Jespersen. Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients can schedule a consultation by calling (703) 992-7969 or completing the contact form.

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