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Anyone who has lost weight knows that the excess skin can be a serious problem. In addition, women who have been pregnant know that the abdominal wall muscles can be stretched and displaced beyond what a workout can restore. As hard as you try to tighten your abs through a vigorous workout routine and strict dieting, you can only regain some of your original abdominal wall form, and you cannot make excess skin shrink. An abdominoplasty removes excess skin and sculpts your abs to give your abdomen contour when exercise alone can’t do the job.

What Is an Abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty is a procedure that removes extra skin and fat to improve the appearance of the abdomen, and tightens separated or distorted muscles. Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients get tummy tucks after they:

  • Lose a lot of weight: People who lose weight are often left with excess skin that can only be taken care of with surgery.
  • Have a baby: The stretch placed on the abdominal wall by a growing baby leaves previously a previously tight wall permanently loosened and the wall muscles separated. In addition many women will have a hernia at their umbilicus that is a result of this distension.
  • Grow older: The body becomes less responsive to exercise and the skin loses natural elasticity. A tummy tuck can give your body a more sculpted appearance.

If you are in good physical and mental health, a tummy tuck is a great option to help you attain a firmer, sleeker silhouette.

Should I Get an Abdominoplasty?

Before deciding to get a tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon will provide you with information during a consultation. Dr. Jespersen will meet with you to:

  • Listen to your concerns and to get an understanding of the results that you want.
  • Examine your abdomen and develop an understanding of your physiology.
  • Determine an individualized treatment plan for achieving these results.
  • Provide you with options and information on how this procedure can help you.

Many Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients elect to combine a tummy tuck with liposuction to remove extra fat deposits. Combining procedures can result in a more sculpted look and help you get rid of the last bit of remaining weight.

Who Should Not Get a Tummy Tuck?

If you have the following conditions, a tummy tuck might not be right for you yet:

  • People who have not reached their goal weight.
  • Women who plan to have more children.

The Day of the Procedure

A tummy tuck begins with an incision along the top of the pubic hairline. After the incision, Dr. Jespersen will repair weak abdominal muscles and remove additional skin for a tighter look. When the procedure is over your stomach will:

  • Feel flatter and firmer.
  • Balance with the rest of your body.
  • Accentuate your physique.

Because this procedure is done for men and women it is important to choose an expert with experience performing this surgery for both. Dr. Jespersen has the body contouring expertise needed to make both men and women look their best.


An abdominoplasty involves a fairly large incision that tightens the muscles and skin, and it is normal for you to experience some discomfort for a few weeks. Immediately after the tummy tuck you should expect:

  • Pain and swelling.
  • Numbness, bruising, and fatigue.
  • Soreness and limitations to physical activity.

Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients go home from the hospital the same day to continue recovery at home. Dr. Jespersen will provide pain medication to help patients through the first few weeks of discomfort and monitor recovery with follow-up exams.

Healing Process

To help the healing process, Dr. Jespersen will wrap your stomach in a compression band. This will reduce swelling and help support your abdomen as you heal. Drains will also be placed to avoid fluid or blood collections. These will be taken out after the first week or when they stop draining fluid.

As you start to heal you will gradually be able to:

  • See the scar fading.
  • Lift heavy items about six weeks after the procedure.
  • Resume all normal activities with no remaining soreness.

Dr. Jespersen will advise you more specifically during follow-up exams. Everyone heals differently and Dr. Jespersen will support you with the best possible care to ensure that your results come out exactly how you wanted.

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