Accidents happen and we all do things we regret when we’re young. Piercings, torn lobes, and ear gauges are visible reminders of a decision we can repair. Torn earlobes are a consequence of earrings, no matter how careful you are. As you enter the corporate world or apply for certain jobs, a torn or unnaturally […]

A mid-face lift smooths the contour beneath the eye and restores the apple of the cheek to a more youthful appearance. I recommend the procedure as a way of addressing two common signs of aging: Sagging or flat cheeks defined by deep lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth. Deep bags that […]

There are a number of reasons that you may need facial reconstruction surgery. Most Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients undergo the surgery to correct: Disfigurement from trauma. Medical procedures that have altered their appearance. Abnormal features that have existed since birth or childhood. Because your face is central to how people perceive you, facial reconstruction […]

A sagging brow can cause your eyebrows to droop and eyes to appear hooded rather than alert. A brow lift repositions the skin of your brow higher on your forehead, lifting the brow to: Create a more open look for the eyes. Improve the appearance of the face. Raise the position of the eyebrows. Fairfax […]

Signs of aging, such as excess or sagging skin, often appear in the area of the neck before the face. This is because the neck doesn’t have as many elastic fibers as the face or the same moisturizing glands. With a neck lift, I remove excess skin and fat and tighten the muscles of the […]

A woman’s entire body changes as she goes through different phases of her life. As you experience childbirth and grow older, your body will start to look and perform differently. Areas of your body you never thought about too much may become an issue with excess skin in the way, noises that weren’t present before, […]

Some people are unhappy with the appearance of their “outie” bellybutton and would prefer to have an “innie.” Umbilicoplasty makes this possible, revising the bellybutton with an aesthetic procedure that may be partially covered by insurance. Outie bellybuttons are usually the result of an umbilical hernia. This may be a persistent hernia that allows a […]

If your breasts have changed in appearance over time, you may be exploring options for aesthetic improvement. The breast lift procedures I conduct for Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients eliminate droop, revise elongated breasts, and reposition the nipple to the center. The result is breasts with a higher, more youthful position and firmer, fuller shape. […]

All women have one breast that is slightly different from the other. While some breast asymmetry is completely normal, it may become an issue when the difference is noticeable. Most women begin thinking about a procedure when one breast’s position, shape, or size gets in the way of everyday activity, causing self-consciousness about appearance or […]

Mommy Makeover Fairfax and Northern Virginia

After having kids, you may find it difficult to get back the figure that you had in your pre-pregnancy years. Exercise and diet are not effective at eliminating excess skin around the midsection or restoring the breasts to a firm, full shape. Through a mommy makeover, I help Fairfax and Northern Virginia patients realize their […]