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Stubborn fat deposits can have a big effect on the way you look and feel. Diet and exercise can help with some areas of fatty tissue, but other areas remain resistant despite your best

efforts. With SculpSure™ laser treatment, Dr. M. Renee Jespersen provides a noninvasive solution to her patients. SculpSure is an innovative, FDA-approved treatment that targets and reduces stubborn fat without incisions, downtime, or painful recovery. Schedule an evaluation with Dr.Jespersen to see if SculpSure is right for you.

CO2 Laser

Laser resurfacing can be very effective in removing unwanted wrinkles and blemishes from the face. It also helps “smooth” the skin on the face. Postoperatively, there is pinkness and flaking of the skin. The flaking of the skin usually subsides within one week, but the pinkness can persist for several weeks or even up to a few months. Until the pinkness completely resolves, it can be covered with make-up. Newer cooler lasers and dressings have helped dramatically reduce or eliminate prolonged discomfort and pigment changes.

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