So birthmarks on the face are a touchy thing. The best we can usually do is trade them for a scar and hope the scar comes out better than the birthmark. With VERY light brown birthmarks there is some role for laser treatment, but sadly that’s not most people’s. Removing these things gets complicated when […]

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Smoothing If your wrinkles are caused by movement of your facial muscles (frowning or squinting), Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin will stop the muscle contraction in that area and smooth your skin.  These are neurotoxins which temporarily paralyze small areas of facial muscles that with repeated contraction cause those wrinkles. The downside is that facial muscles […]

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Protection from the sun is very important for everyone’s skin, and especially for children. They burn easily because of lower pigment levels and thinner outer layers of their skin. The very best protection is shade, protective clothing, or a hat – but second best is sunscreen. SPF SPF stands for “sun protection factor” – and […]

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