M. Renee Jespersen, MD

Dr. Jespersen is a plastic surgeon located in Fairfax, VA with board-certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and by the American Board of Surgery.

After completing her plastic surgery training at Temple University Hospital in 2010, Dr. Jespersen further specialized in Breast and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery at Georgetown University Hospital. Her work at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania has prepared her to work with pediatric as well as adult patients.

In 2013 she began to establish her Falls Church, VA practice and has had positive feedback from patients in the community.

An experienced plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive breast plastic surgery as well as facial and body aesthetic surgery, Dr. Jespersen empowers individuals by helping them attain their physical ideal. Diverging from the old standard of more is more, Dr. Jespersen approaches plastic surgery from a position of building body confidence in her adult as well as pediatric patients. Her focus on patients’ physical and psychological needs prior to cosmetic surgery addresses inevitable questions regarding results and feelings about body improvement.

Patient Care

Dr. Jespersen provides northern Virginia patients not only with a high standard of procedural competence, but enhances patient care by acting as a confidant and sounding board for their concerns. Through understanding how to surgically enhance appearance as well as function, she advises patients how to achieve their goals.

Many sensitive surgical procedures revolve around providing the patient with care beyond routine medical services. Dr. Jespersen’s excellence in technique is matched by an equally important consideration for her patients’ needs, whether they wish to restore youthful vitality, body contour for a sleeker appearance, or appearance in more specific ways. Dr. Jespersen establishes the open communication needed to successfully navigate her patients through all steps of their procedures.

Pediatric & Adolescent Patient Care

happypatientChildhood and adolescence is a challenging time to have surgery. Dr. Jespersen understands this and tailors all interactions with pediatric and adolescent patients to match their developmental stages. Her fellowship training at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia combined with the plastic surgery faculty position at University of Pennsylvania have given her the expertise needed to comfortably walk children and their parents through both functional and occasionally aesthetic procedures.

In the pediatric and adolescent patient, timing can mean everything. All pediatric procedures, whether aesthetic or functional, need to be done in an appropriate time window with respect to the patient’s emotional and physical development.

Children experience the same embarrassment and discomfort with certain physical issues as their adult counterparts. However, the evolving development of personality and behavior can exaggerate a child’s perception of the problem.

Dr. Jespersen accounts for the these concerns and thoroughly considers all matters pertaining to the emotional, mental, and physical impact that early surgery can have on a child before advising a surgical course of action.

Dedication to the Field

Dr. Jespersen maintains active memberships in the ASAPS, ASPS, ACPA, and ABPS. She is board-certified by the ABS and the ABPS. In her spare time she volunteers for the Arlington Free Clinic doing reconstructive procedures when they are needed. She also does volunteer work abroad fixing cleft lips, palates and other congenital deformities in young children so that they can experience a normal childhood devoid of speech impediments and other inherent issues.

Dr. Jespersen considers her patients the soul of her practice. She develops long-standing relationships based on trusted professional advice and compassion. Dr. Jespersen encourages her patients to ask questions and is always available for consultation or follow-up related to care, whether she was the surgeon or for a second opinion in a complex situation.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Jespersen call (703) 992-7969 or visit us online at drjespersen.com.

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